PhD Conference 2017

September 25, 2017 – September 28, 2017 all-day
Chalmers sauna in Härryda, Sweden


  • To provide a relaxing atmosphere for PhD students in climate sciences to discuss work related topics
  • ultimate goal is to extend PhD students’ networks which will lead to tighter collaboration and increase information exchanges between nordic climate sciences.

Responsible: Joonas Kiviranta

Registration deadline extended to 31 August

More about the conference from Joonas:

The purpose of the conference is to promote networking between PhD students in the climate sciences in the nordics, get ideas for our own research, and to have a good time without supervisors. It will take place at the Chalmers sauna in Härrydä, close to Gothenburg, Sweden. The conference will run between Monday the 25th of September and Thursday the 28th of September. The plan is to have a bus transport from central Gothenburg to the location on Monday in the evening, perhaps between 4pm-6pm. The presentations and the bulk of the activity is to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday and we have to leave the premises in the morning of Thursday the 28th. You only need to take care of your trip to Gothenburg and there is no fee for attendance.

This year we would like to focus on presentation technique and on giving meaningful feedback. Apart from that, we will try to have some fun activities since we are by the lake and have a huge sauna at our disposal.